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(Warning Graphic Content) Belfast Clubbers Caught In Action


(Warning Graphic Content) Belfast Clubbers Caught In Action

This image shows the hunger and impatience of four people as they decided to get intimate right outside a nightclub

Club goers were surprised to find that two couples wasted no time and had sex in the parking lot outside the El Divino nightclub in Belfast. This image has come out only weeks after the Magaluf video of a Northern Irish girl giving oral to 24 men.

People took to twitter and began to slander the couple and made reference to the girl in the Magaluf video that went viral.

One twitter user by the name of Niamh Stewart tweeted: “First #SlaneGirl then magaluf video girl was from NI, now pics of people outside el divino have emerged. Way to make us all look classy!”

ShharonDoherty added: ‘IMAGINE. Jesus H Christ, these people need saved’.

El Divino as a nightclub has stated in the past that its the “newest and most fashionable spot in Belfast and has changed the face of clubbing”. However after these pictures people are beginning to question this statement, with one twitter user by the name of Aimee saying: “And we though el divino was a classy spot”.



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