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Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead


Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead

The footage released of a mentally ill man shot & killed by a white police officer is 38 year old Jason Harrison. The video begins with Jason’s mother opening the door to the police officers. His mother had called for help to take him to a local hospital as he was having a crisis. He was reported to have¬†suffered from bipolar & schizophrenia.

Harrison appears behind his mother playing with a small screwdriver, the police officers demanded Harrison put the screw driver down and within seconds shots go off and Harrison is seen on the floor clutching his stomach.

The Harrisons have filed a lawsuit against the two white police officers and argue that Harrison was of no threat. Rightfully so, if Harrison had decided to attack the police officers they could have easily restrained him and put him in cuffs but decided against it. Instead they killed a man that was harmless, logically what damage could he have caused with two officers on duty?

The Harrison family have released the footage which dates over six months in the wake of white police officers constanatly unlawfully killing or using deadly force against black men.

When will justice be served… let us know what you think?

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