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Curvy Female Explains Why She Posts Provocative Pics


Curvy Female Explains Why She Posts Provocative Pics

Celebrity culture has clearly made curvy and voluptuous girls very confident and proud of what they are working with. We are currently in an era whereby the bigger the butt, the bigger the boobs and the smaller the waist is craved for. Some waist train and do extreme activities to achieve this look whilst some were naturally born that way.

Shelah Marie understands how it feels to be on both sides of the spectrum, she felt the critics when they said skinny was in and curvy was out. Now she feels the support and encouragement given to curvy girls and she is milking it.

She is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful body and we agree that she should embrace what she has. In the video she starts off with explaining the struggle she faces as a full bodied woman. She says the reason for her posting pictures in bikinis is she wants to be comfortable with being sexy and stop hiding but also to prove a point that her body is not just a sexual object.

She goes on to further explain her reasoning for posting such provocative pictures, the business that she’s in, the context she posts her pictures in and of course the comments left on her page.

We agree that women of any shape, size or colour should embrace what they have, but do you guys think that posting such pictures are necessary in creating confidence in  other women… Let us know what you think?

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1 Comment
  • Kammie

    Her body is gawjus & I respect what she says.

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