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Ten Cops Beat Unarmed Black Man


Ten Cops Beat Unarmed Black Man

Detroit police were caught on camera unnecessarily beating, using a Taser and handcuffing a harmless and innocent man. Floyd Dent the man in the video has worked for Ford Motor company from the age of 20 up until 57, that’s over 30 years of loyal service. He has never been in trouble with the police, is dearly loved by family and those in his community.

Michigan state police trailed Floyds car suspecting him of dealing with drugs. After pulling over and calmly opening his car door, before Floyd could get out police officers drag him to the ground, put him in a chokehold and repeatedly punched this harmless man 16 times to the head. The brutality does not stop there as one officer is illegally putting him in a chokehold a third officer uses a Taser three times, what for?

Putting Floyd at a high risk of death the police officers continued with their barbaric behaviours. In total 10 police officers, all white made contact with Floyd that night. What they had originally suspected him of was untrue. Whilst in hospital Floyd had to be tested for drugs and all results came back negative. In the end they charged him with not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign…really?

This injustice has to stop, the black community is facing too much racism and loss. The system has to be careful because people can only take so much, lets not forget all the riots that have happened in this decade alone.


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