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Kylie Admits To Getting Lip Fillers


Kylie Admits To Getting Lip Fillers

17 year old Kylie Jenner has come out of the closet and has finally admitted to getting her lips altered. First she put it down to “make-up” tricks, but since a video of her older sister Khloe came out advising her to own it she’s doing that exactly.

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The 17 year old reality star came under a lot of social scrutiny when her lips went from barely there to fully plump. Now that the rumour has been confirmed I’m sure Kylie feels a weight has been lifted off.

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We just hope that her older sisters can follow her lead & be honest about their surgical enhancements. They might just continue to “tip-toe” around the truth.


Now the cats out the bag people can cool off the lip challenge… What do you guys think?  

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