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Tory Lanez “I Told You” Album Review by Francis Ewa


Tory Lanez “I Told You” Album Review by Francis Ewa

Despite Tory Lanez dropping ‘I TOLD YOU’ on the same day as Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ , it didn’t suffer being outshined by quality. Tory had been reportdly working on this album for more than 4 years and it is evident through the way he structured the placement of each song.

In todays music game many don’t utilise skits or interludes as much to tell stories, but in this album Tory did otherwise. The Skits gave an aural representation of Tory’s unstable life, the skits are incredibly beneficial as they remind the listener that his life was real. Real people, real voices, real music. He plunges us into his hard work and lowest periods in the first quarter of the album. HIs situation made it hard for him ” To D.R.E.A.M” but he pursued it with the help of his girlfriend.

Tory vividly documents how hard it was to stay out of the “trap”, even though his girlfriend was trying to provide for him what he needed. This quarter really draws the audience into the ‘Trapsoul’ element of Tory’s music. The story-telling nature of his smooth voice being countered by hard beats in songs like ‘I told you’ ‘ Flex’ and ‘4am flex’ revealing great trials in his life many of his listeners can relate to right now.


What tends to happen when an artist is telling a story about a hard life is the album can begin to drag, becoming slow and forcing the listener to become familiar with the mellow tones accompanied with a 180BPM hiphop beat. Tory wakes us back up with special gems like ‘Friends with benefits’.

Even though Tory orchestrated the album chronologically, I and many others listened to the album waiting for our favourite Tory tracks released before the album like ‘Say it’ and ‘Luv’ which came right at the very end of the 28 piece album. Tory is at his best when he uses carribean influences in his music and that was an aspect of this album that many missed. When i delved deeper into Tory’s intentions i realised that he structured the album like that so that we could go through the long and hard journey with him and meet him at the end. We meet the Tory we now know and ‘Luv’ in his success in the last quarter.


Francis Ewa is Street Talk HGD’s music & cultural specialist. Checkout his other articles 90’s Fashion Trends and WHAT IS TRAPSOUL?

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