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Is This Apples New Product, A Mirror That Doubles Up as an iPhone?


Is This Apples New Product, A Mirror That Doubles Up as an iPhone?

At first glance, this mirror looks like any other you would hang up in a room.

But the clever mirror is in fact a giant iPhone, which can send messages, play Netflix videos, and even order you an Uber.

The Apple Mirror was designed by Rafael Dymek, an inventor from New York, although it is unclear whether he plans to sell his invention.


The fully functioning smart touchscreen mirror is based on iOS 10 from Apple, with a similar layout to any other iPhone.

The design includes the time and date in the upper right hand corner, and weather in the top left.

The icons of various apps are lined up on the right and left of the mirror.

After 45 seconds of inactivity, the mirror goes to sleep, and appears as a regular mirror.


But, in a video posted on YouTube, Mr Dymek said: ‘Say I want to wake it up, I simply touch anywhere on the mirror, and everything comes back up.’

The apps installed on the device are designed to help users with their day-to-day lives, and include Facebook Messenger, Netflix, and Uber.

Mr Dymek said: ‘Say I’m running late, I can pull up Facebook Messenger, and quickly message my friends from there to tell them I’ll be late.’


It is unclear whether Mr Dymek plans to make the mirrors on a mass scale to sell, or whether Apple is aware of his project.

But on his website he makes it clear that ‘Apple owns all rights to iOS 10, its designs, apps, icons and fonts.

‘This mirror was created as a personal project and is in no way being used for commercial reasons.

‘I admire Apple’s vision and approach to creating revolutionary products.

‘My only goal for this project was to create something useful that I could see myself using.’

S/O: Daily Mail

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