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U.K. Artists to look out for in 2017 by Francis Ewa


U.K. Artists to look out for in 2017 by Francis Ewa

2016 has been a great year for music and what has been particularly intriguing is the amount of success some of our UK artists in this list have a achieved in a very short period of time. With the year coming to an end, it is safe to say that these artists have successfully consolidated a strong placement in the industry as well as recognition amongst their peers. This list acknowledges the fact that some of The artists are more likely to ‘blow’ than others and this will be represented through a given score out 5 for likelihood of achieving musical domination in 2017.

AJ Tracey

After his Link up TV MIC Check, the appeal for AJ Tracey spread across the country as grime fans vowed to not “pretend to miss the drop like ” him. With his hard old school grime vibe coupled with his quality Visuals, AJ exudes professionalism at its finest, a rapper who thinks carefully about his craft. After his ‘Lil Tracey’ EP dropped late this year, 2017 promises to be a good year for him and his sold out ‘Lil Tracey’ tour confirms this.


Dave experienced a phenomenal 2016. After dropping ‘Six Paths’, it became evident he had a stellar story telling ability and has manage to build an ardent fan base. Many of his listeners are just like him and come from the same place, facing the same problems of achieving personal success whilst chained to the ties of tough circumstances. His song ‘Thiago Silva’ with AJ Tracey became a must play at any social event this year and after Drake featured on the remix for ‘wanna know’, which gathered 1 million views in just over a day, it is clear to see that the UK and the world at large are definitely watching what Dave has in store for 2017.


UK native Ella Mai is a true testament to hard work that reaps short term success. After quitting university last year to focus on music, she evolved form doing music covers on instagram to being signed by Top producer DJ MUSTARD and selling out her first headline show in London this December. When I went to her show this month it was clear that she already had a strong fan base, she vowed that 2017 will be a “takeover” and with a mentor in DJ Mustard next year looks promising for the ‘young simba’.



2016 was a very good year for Anne-Marie and many tipped her to be one of the artists to watch this year. Even though shes had hits like ‘Alarm’ and ‘Rockabye’ with Clean Bandit, I still feel as though 2017 will be a year where she consolidates herself as a top artist in the UK.


When you look at music that has come from the London scene, Kojo funds has had tracks that could cover each quarter of the year and in total has achieved over 9million YouTube views. He’s ended the year strongly with ‘Dun talkin’ which has become a club necessity. With some of his songs being leaked and surfaced weirdly through WhatsApp, those that have heard of it only have good words to speak of his work, which only leaves us with the impression that 2017 will be a successful year for Kojo.

It’s no longer plausible to say the UK female grime scene lacks numbers, the reason it may seem so is due to a is a lack of authenticity in the UK in the sense that the female emcees are quick to imitate and slow to innovate a style we’ve never seen before. But Simz proves to be the opposite, she even stated that “I’m not a UK female MC I’m an artist”. With high regard from esteemed rappers like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, she did not fail to disappoint with her latest Album ‘Stillness’ in wonderland’. With so many exquisite songs on her album, 2017 leaves an open playground for her to explore creatively with music videos to make her mark on the game.


London boy yxng bane has finally started to receive the Credit he deserves in the grime scene. Although many rappers are now trying to adopt the singing style into their flow, Bane stands atypical as His effortless, rough rnb vocals actually compliment his rapping ability. Some may debate over whether he should stick to singing or rappping. But one thing that cannot be ignored is how 2017 will be a year where he lays a memorable print on the grime scene if he continues in the “fine wine” direction.

Honourable mentions
Louisa Johnson
MIC Lowry
Mura Masa
Rejjie Snow
Nadia Rose
Non UK artists
Luke Christopher
Aaron Rose
Hailee Steinfield


Francis Ewa is Street Talk HGD’s music & cultural specialist. Checkout his other articles 90’s Fashion Trends and WHAT IS TRAPSOUL?

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