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How much did UK Culture Influence ‘More Life’? An Article by Francis Ewa @Francisimz


How much did UK Culture Influence ‘More Life’? An Article by Francis Ewa @Francisimz

For the past few days all streaming platforms and radio stations have been dominated by Drake’s ‘More Life’. The “playlist” is heavily influenced by different cultures and features, a plethora of genres and sub-genres. Arguably the most important contributor to this album was the UK music scene and we learn a few things about it’s impact on drakes’ music and what it could mean for the scene.

It is widely known that the UK and Canada are quite similar due to their deep rooted connections to Caribbean patois. In “More Life”, it is clear to see that the ‘6God’ was infected by the time he has spent in London, where he calls his “second home”. The lingual impact of the Capital is clear from his opening (Free Smoke), as he vows “it’s an east side ting ey” reminiscent of a “yute” from Stratford, East London. Further references like “man like me” appears on (No long talk) where he sounds like any self-glorified Londoner.

What does this lingual snatch mean for the US and UK? Well one can only assume that listeners across the Atlantic became more accustom to U.K. ‘Slang’ and knowing the die hard nature of drake fans, probably attempt to use the dialect in their everyday lives.

Secondly, out the 13 features drake had on the playlist, 5 of them were from the UK; notably Skepta who got his own interlude over 2 minutes kind. It is clear Drake’s time overseas has allowed him to do some effective networking. Artists such as Jorja smith and Giggs whose fan base is predominantly UK based brought some traditionally British sounds to the album. With Jorja featuring on the funky house infused ‘Get it together’ and The grime inspired ‘KMT’ and ‘No long talk’ in which Giggs made drake talk “the hardest”.
The impact of Drake’s collaboration with these home grown artists is clear, as Gigg’s Spotify streaming has increased by 150%. A monumental amount showing that more people are taking interest in British grime artists.

However, although some have welcomed how the UK culture has influenced more life. Some are left feeling it is just an appropriation of the culture. In order to get a raw view in this day and age one has to look to ‘UK twitter’ which has infamous reputation of being unapologetically blunt. For example, @lilifieldz voiced that “Drake doin’ a fake cockney accent isn’t the one” or @kyzoooo ‘s annoyance “If drake says “ting” one more time im gonna flip, we get you have English friends Aubrey”.

However, we can’t deny that ‘More life is a gem’. Even though it is a playlist it is evident that it is cleverly crafted to appeal to all our specific interests. I asked my Snapchat followers how more life made them feel as a UK listener?  3 comments that stood out to me where

‘jayjay_griffith’ – “It was good because it made grime known globally”.

‘Ninajadefisayo’commented on how it made her “proud to be British ” and lastly

‘mursilfarhan’ enjoyed how “relatable it was”.

Although, it is clear that there are differences in opinions “More Life” was greatly influenced by and has had an impact on the UK.



Francis Ewa is Street Talk HGD’s music & cultural specialist. Checkout his other articles ‘U.K. Artists to look out for in 2017’ and ‘WHAT IS TRAPSOUL?’

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Twitter: @Francisimz

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